[GE users] LSF -> SGE .. But there's a wrinkle

Andrew Meredith andrew at anvil.org
Wed Jun 6 13:55:19 BST 2007

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Hi Folks,

I am new to SGE and new to this list, so I hope you will forgive my 
piling straight in with a question.

A customer of mine is moving from LSF to SGE and I am to configure SGE 
to do much the same as the existing LSF setup which is pretty simple. 
There are a dozen or so compute servers, but they are of a variety of 
different powers and so cannot be treated as clones of each other. The 
jobs to be run are huge. So big that even beefy boxen like these can 
only take between 1 and 4 jobs each, depending on the machine.

On LSF we had two parameters called with the job; one for the number of 
Gigs of RAM required for the job and the amount of a theoretical CPU 
core that would be consumed. Each machine under LSF was then assigned a 
number of these theoretical cores .. 3 for a twin dual core, 1 for a 
single single core for example. LSF has a relatively sophisticated way 
of working out how we're doing wrt memory. If I call a job that need 4 
Gigs of RAM and the machine has 6 left, 4 of them get allocated. I am 
lead to understand (but have not seen proof) that of the LSF system then 
considers this same machine for a 3 Gig job, even if the previous job 
has only used part of it's allocated 4G leaving 3G free; the system will 
ignore this machine.

I wonder if anyone has any ideas about how to implement this setup in 
SGE. I have read through the docs and thought I had something like a 
solution, but the jobs just sit there in the queue twiddling their 
electrons at me.

Hope someone can help

Andy M


          Andrew Meredith BEng CEng CITP MBCS MIET
                 The Anvil Organisation Ltd

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