[GE users] Qmake and ssh accounting

Heywood, Todd heywood at cshl.edu
Wed Jun 6 22:24:05 BST 2007

We have configured qrsh to use ssh instead of rsh because we ran into the
port number limitation when running large parallel jobs using qmake. I
understand this means that any qrsh call will only account for wallclock
time. Anyway, the qmake man page says:

> qmake  has  two  different modes for allocating Grid Engine resources for the
> parallel execution of tasks:
> 1. Allocation of resources using a parallel environment. If the -pe option is
> used  on  the qmake command line, a parallel job is scheduled by Grid Engine.
> The make rules are executed as tasks within this parallel job.
> 2. Dynamic allocation of resources. If no parallel environment is requested
> when  submitting a qmake job, each make rule will generate an individual Grid
> Engine qrsh job.  All resource requests given to qmake will be  inherited by
> the jobs processing the make rules.

Two questions. First, does (1), using -pe make, use qrsh underneath? Does
qacct thus account for the wallclock time of the whole parallel job (and not
a sum of the times of the tasks making up the parallel job)?

Second, does (2) in effect result in qacct giving the total sum (wallclock)
time of all the individual tasks (qrsh jobs)?



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