[GE users] qmon

Dave Love david.love at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Jun 13 13:12:43 BST 2007

John Hearns <john.hearns at streamline-computing.com> writes:

> On Linux, check that you have OpenMotif installed (there is an
> alternative called LessTif but I would say openMotif is preferred).

Is LessTif actually known to work with qmon in some circumstances,
either at build- or run-time?  (I haven't had a chance to try to build
against it, but was intending to.)

> If you DO have a libXm.so.2 file you should be able to get away with
> ln -s libXm.so.2 libXm.so.3

That sounds unlikely to work generally, and it doesn't work on Fedora
6 with the qmon binary I have (linking to libXm.so.4 rather than

> I remember having to do something similar in the past.
> This question might indicate that you are using a rather out of date
> Linux distribution (assuming Linux of course).

Actually, the OpenMotif distribution was dropped from Fedora 6, for
instance, and isn't in the properly-free GNU/Linux distributions
because it isn't free software.  On recent Fedora (at least 6), you
can use the binary package from Fedora 5 (look for a suitable mirror)
and on Debian-ish distributions, you'll need to fetch the package from
a non-free repository or build it yourself.

Being able to build qmon against LessTif would obviously be more

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