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Thierry Darnige darnige at ccr.jussieu.fr
Thu Jun 14 17:42:40 BST 2007

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Thanks Daniel,
My actual problem is this piece of code in sge_execd (in exec_job.c, PATH
and LOGNAME variables seem to be handled differently than others): 
         If ((user_path=lGetElemStr(environmentList, VA_variable, "PATH")))
            Sge_dstring_sprintf(&buffer, "%s:%s", tmpdir,
lGetString(user_path, VA_value));
            Sge_dstring_sprintf(&buffer, "%s:%s", tmpdir, SGE_DEFAULT_PATH);
        Var_list_set_string(&environmentList, "PATH",

In other words, I understand that if there is job defined PATH using the "-v
 option in qrsh, it is concatenated to the tmpdir to form the PATH.
Else the tmpdir is concatenated with a DEFAULT_PATH
(/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin that is hard-coded).
I would expect a concatenation with $PATH to get the current context PATH ..

All this is written in an "environment" file, read by sge_starter that
overrides the PATH just before executing the job.
INHERIT_ENV to FALSE doesn't solve the problem because it doesn't apply to
Seems that my only solution is to change the source ... Unless there is a
mechanism I don't see (It's an obvious behaviour for me. Strange it's not
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De : Daniel Templeton
Date : 13/06/2007 19:16:59
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Sujet : Re: [GE users] Qrsh and PATH variable
Also, keep in mind that by default, the base environment for a job is
the environment of the user that started the execution daemon.  It gets
overridden, of course, by some Grid Engine environment settings, the
contents of the users profile, and any job-specific environment
settings, such as those from using -v as Andy described.  To start with
a completely blank environment, set INHERIT_ENV to FALSE in the
Andy Schwierskott wrote:
> Thierry,
> if the current PATH should be exported you'd just type in
>    qrsh -v PATH
> to be verified by:
>     qrsh '/bin/echo $PATH'
>     qrsh -v PATH '/bin/echo $PATH'
> Andy
> On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, Thierry Darnige wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm using sge6 on netbsd and experiments some problems with the qrsh
>> command
>> (redirected to ssh) and the PATH variable :
>> I just want to be able to issue a command like "qrsh matlab" on any node
>> (the used PATH is then the node environment variable grabbed from
>> /etc/login
>> conf) and avoid to give the absolute path for matlab.
>> SGE seems to overload the node PATH with a default (what I've
>> confirmed with
>> a quick look to the code). Nevertheless, the user can specify his own
>> through a "-V" option in the qrsh command but it's longer to type
>> than using
>> the absolute path.
>> Do you know a more "userfriendly" way to do that ? I'm sure I'm missing
>> something ...
>> Thank you
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