[GE users] multi-location grid queuing coordination?

Rod.Rebello at Microchip.com Rod.Rebello at Microchip.com
Fri Jun 15 18:20:37 BST 2007

We have multiple geographic networked locations running local grids.  We
share several applications across the sites that are limited by number
of licenses that can be checked out in Flexlm.  We are using Olsen's
Flexlm load checking application at each site to insure we don't start
jobs if licenses are not available (may be in use at another location).
However, we also would like to have a form of fair share queuing across
the sites so that no one site can get a monopoly on the application.
Does anything like this exist for SGE?  I've read about the Globus
applications, but they don't seem to really address this issue unless I
may be missing something.  I also saw a Sun video discussing resource
balancing between grids that may address this, but have not seen any

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