[GE users] enhanced queue configuration specifier syntax

Paul MacInnis macinnis at dal.ca
Mon Jun 18 14:25:43 BST 2007

I'm having trouble with the "enhanced queue configuration specifier
syntax" described in the man page queue_conf.

The problem comes when I try to set multiple criteria for
"load_thresholds" using qconf on a cluster queue:

np_load_avg=1.5,mem_used=500M,[@2g48h.hg=mem_used=1.5G], \ 
[@2g96h.hg=mem_used=1.5G],[@4g48h.hg=mem_used=3.5G], \

Here's what I want:
For all nodes, np_load_avg=1.5
For 1G nodes, mem_used=500M,
For 2G nodes, mem_used=1.5G,
For 4G nodes, mem_used=3.5G

qconf accepts the above syntax.

If I then ask to see the configuration for a particular host
group or a particular host, for load_thresholds it shows only
the mem_used parameter (with the correct value for the host group
or node) and the np_load_avg parameter is missing completely. 

If I ask to see the configuration for the cluster queue, both
parameters appear exactly as I set them.

Have I misunderstood something here?


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