[GE users] Cross referencing a grid ID and process ID

Colin Thomas Colin.Thomas at csr.com
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Have answered my own question ( I need to scan further along a line).
The sge_shephard has the grid id as part of its name :-)


sgeadm   18440 10645  0 12:23 ?        00:00:00 sge_shepherd-116469 -bg




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Subject: [GE users] Cross referencing a grid ID and process ID




We have some applications which run for days, and consume valuable
license tokens. At peak license usage, we would want to grid-suspend the
long running job, and give its license token to another short job, which
once finished we give back to the long job which get grid-resumed, and
gets the license back. 


I have manully "proved" the system, so we want a little script that will
suspend a named job , and free up its license automatically


If the long job runs on an execution machine "A", I can trace the
sge_shephard to the code that calls the license ( so I know which
license to free). From the grid side though I know the grid ID, and that
it is running on machine A, but I need the relationship between the grid
ID and the process ID on machine A, so that I free up the correct


Is there stored anywhere on the grid, a way of retrieving the
sge_shephard pid on an exec machine from the grid ID ? 


Hope the above makes sense and that there is an easy solution..


Many thanks in advance..


Colin Thomas

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