[GE users] Per job limit of PE slots

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Jun 21 14:39:10 BST 2007

Am 21.06.2007 um 14:58 schrieb Hristo Iliev:

> We have a 4 node Linux cluster with 8-core nodes that runs a mix of
> serial, OpenMP and MPI jobs. 3 nodes are used for batch processing  
> only
> and one node is reserved for interactive jobs. Grid Engine 6.1 is  
> used.
> I would like to limit each parallel batch job to certain number of  
> slots
> depending on the value of h_rt requested:
> - short test/benchmark jobs (up to 1 hour) that can eat up to 24 slots
> each
> - medium length jobs (up to 1 day) that can eat up to 16 slots each
> - long running jobs (up to 1 week) that can eat up to 8 slots each
> I have set up three cluster queues (with different h_rt limit)  
> spanning
> all 3 batch nodes and set 'slots=8' in exechosts definitions to  
> prevent
> oversubscription. The OpenMP PE uses $pe_slots allocation policy so it
> is automagically limited to 8 slots but I have some very hard time
> trying to convince SGE not to let long and medium MPI use more slots
> than the policy defines. I can successfully limit user slots in each
> queue with resource quotas but I cannot do it on a per job basis.  
> What I
> would like to achieve is to allow two (or even three) long jobs  
> from the
> same user running in parallel on 8 cores each but to deny one long job
> taking 7 or more cores.

Do you mean "...9 or more cores..."?

This is not possible for now. But there is already an RFE to cover  
some of this aspects:




-- Reuti

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