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Mon Jun 25 13:58:33 BST 2007

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Hi Andy,

Andy Schwierskott schrieb:
> Hi,
> running jobs are not affected when the execd is shutwond and restarted.
> The proper suggest way would be:
>    - disable the queue instances an the affected host
>    - shutdown execd('s)
>    - make the change to /etc/init.d/sgeexecd but for safety reasons to
>      <sge-root>/<cell>/common/sgeexecd as well
>    - restart execd('s)
>    - enable affected queue instances.
> You also might think about how to ensure that installation of new execd
> hosts or re-installations will automatically get the fixed startup script -
> T achieve this you'd changed the file
>    <sge_root>/util/rctemplates/sgeexecd_template
> and find a means to ensure that with future patch updates your local
> changes
> do not get overridden.

thanks!!, that will certainly perserve me from some errors. :D

> The syntax "ulimit -a unlimited" does not seem to work (I tested it under
> bash on Linux and under sh on Solaris). See the respective man pages. It
> would be:
>    ulimit -l unlimited
>    (and all other limits you want to set)
> and the really safe way would be to first set the hard, then the soft
> limit:
>    ulimit -H -l unlimited
>    ulimit -l unlimited
> since a soft limit can't go beyond the hard limit.

Thanks again :)

> Neverthess I'm wondering this really the correct way? Doesn't Linux have a
> system wide login-defaults file where all these settings should be
> specified to ensure that programs started at boot time have a well defined limit
> setting?

This is /etc/security/limits.conf, but unfortunately the daemons started
a boot time, fork directly from the init process and inherit therefore
the limits from init. Hence you have to overwrite it.

Thank you.

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