[GE users] /etc/security/limits.conf

Dave Love david.love at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Jun 26 14:03:10 BST 2007

Andy Schwierskott <andy.schwierskott at sun.com> writes:

> Does anyone know how to achieve this on Debian and on distributions which do
> not support  /etc/initscript?

I don't have a current Debian (4.0) to check, but I thought it still
used the /etc/initscript-supporting init, as does Ubuntu 6.06 (the
long-term support one I guess is most likely to be used on clusters).
Note that it affects all processes (started via inittab).

With upstart in the latest Ubuntu (7.04), init scripts are still
started through /etc/init.d/rc.  That still sources /etc/default/rcS,
which I _think_ is the appropriate hook for (all) init scripts, but I
don't know whether that's official.

A Debianized version of the /etc/init.d/sgeexecd would source any
/etc/default/sgeexecd as a specific hook, I think.

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