[GE users] Testing Grid Engine while running another job queing system?

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Wed Jun 27 16:51:11 BST 2007

Hi Robert,

This is totally possible - just make sure that Grid Engine uses  
different TCP ports than Torque. You may also have to play with the  
built in suspend thresholds a bit so that Grid Engine does not  
disable queues when a node is busy running a task via Torque. By  
default if SGE detects that a node is "too busy" it will close off  
the queue and this could probably happen to you pretty easily if  
Torque jobs were active on a compute node.

I wrote some blog posts a long time ago that may still be of some  
assistance to you:


(very old) http://gridengine.info/articles/2006/02/12/choosing-sge-vs- 

The long and short of the "Choosing a distributed resource  
management" process is that all the current products can do 99% of  
what most people need out of the box.  The main difference comes down  
to things like cost, scaling, support, APIs and other things that are  
not directly related to job distribution but have everything to do  
with total cost of ownership calculations and the overall  
"operational burden of running a cluster" costs. Personally I only  
use SGE or Platform LSF in my professional life  and for each project  
I make a fresh comparison and fresh decision on the best product to  
deploy. SGE usually wins except for a current large project where LSF  
was the best choice for the end-user and customer. I'm actually  
pretty happy to be deep into LSF again as I've been doing Grid Engine  
work almost exclusively for the past few years.

It's been years since I've seriously looked at the PBS variants but  
my personal experience suggests that if you are going to use a PBS  
variant then the best one is PBSPro -- it may be commercial but they  
are reasonable about academic pricing and I think I recall not being  
freaked out about their commercial/enterprise pricing as well. The  
PBSPro technical pre-sales and post-sales technical people were top- 

Just my $.02 of course


On Jun 27, 2007, at 11:32 AM, Atwood, Robert C wrote:

> Is it straightforward to install Grid Engine while also running  
> Torque ,
> so that I can try it out without inconveniencing the users? Any  
> issues I
> should be aware of that I might have missed in the docs I've looked  
> at?
> I did not see any specific reference to installing and testign grid
> engine while running another queue system
> Anyone care to sing the praises of this system over Torque or PBS  (or
> vice versa) ? My specific reason for wanting to try another system is
> that it appears that Torque does not actually assign jobs to hosts  
> based
> on the requested / available memory, it seems that this should be
> allowed with GridEngine if I've understood the documents correctly.
> Thanks in advance for any help
> Robert

Chris Dagdigian  <dag at sonsorol.org>
Current coordinates: Richmond, VA USA

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