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Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Thu Jun 28 17:18:09 BST 2007

Hi Oded,

On Thu, 28 Jun 2007, Oded Haim-Langford wrote:

> Hello,
> I encountered an example of what I think I needed on Sun N1 Grid Engine
> 6.1 Administration Guide p.155.
> I configured the following dynamic resource quota to allow users to use
> 1 slot per cpu  for all the hosts in the system. According to the manual
> it should allow users to use a slot per cpu on all hosts defined in
> @allhosts.
> $> qconf -srqs
> {
>   name         align_slot_num_to_cpu_num
>   description  "set number of slots per machine to be the number of
> cpus"
>   enabled      TRUE
>   limit        hosts {@allhosts} to slots=$num_proc
> }
> Where host list @allhosts contains all the hosts in the system, some
> with num_proc=1 others with num_proc=2.
> Then I configured @allhosts to be the single hostlist for queue: all.q
> I expected all.q to reflect the number of cpus in the system as its
> number of slots, well that didn't happen.

I'm curious this didn't work. How did you verify? Did you just look 
slots amount reported by qstat -f? If so, qstat's slot output played 
you a trick: The per-queue slot limitation is independent from the 
per-queue slot limit defined in 'align_slot_num_to_cpu_num' and both
limits apply.

> The number of slots configured in all.q was the number of slots every
> host in @allhosts got. Do I miss something here? (I really hope so)
> Is it possible to dynamically bind number of queue slots to the total
> number of cpus of its hosts without configuring it manually per host per
> queue?
> I wish to work with virtual host groups e.g. set a simulation queue, it
> will have a hostlist @simulation_hosts which contains @linux_32_2cpu +
> @linux_32_4cpu + ...
> So setting a default slot number for simulation queue will not do it,
> and setting it manually for every host in the queue seems redundant and
> unnecessary.

Dynamic queue slots must work with resource quotas as explained above.
If you consider the mismatch in qstat output as unsatisfying you can
also assign slot amounts on a per hostgroup basis in you simulation 
queue queue_conf(5) like this


    slots      1,[@linux_32_2cpu=2],[@linux_32_4cpu=4]


that way slot amount gets not actually assigned dynamically, but qstat slot
output is consistent and host groups you have to maintain anyways.

> I will really appreciate any help you could extend in this matter.

IMO both solutions are reasonable.


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