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Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 1 10:14:07 GMT 2007

Hi John,

On Wed, 28 Feb 2007, john.li at mindspeed.com wrote:

> 2.  In my envionrment, we'd like to generate files with permission 664.
> But
> the umask=022 are hard-coded in the source code.   Is there anything that
> I could do
> to over-write this umask?

> Or I have to change the source code and
> re-build the package?

Well, you could do that. The umask(2) calls you have to 
change are these

    daemons/shepherd/builtin_starter.c:   umask(022);
    daemons/shepherd/shepherd.c:      umask(022);

second possibility is you tinker a prolog script that changes 
the umask of stdout/stderr files by using job environment


as explained in qsub(1).

Third possibility is that I work on an enhancement in a way that 
you got a JOB_UMASK parameter with execd_params of sge_conf(5) as
suggested by IZ#639. If you would help us verifying the result in 
your environment there could be a chance to get it into the 6.1 
final release.


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