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john.li at mindspeed.com john.li at mindspeed.com
Thu Mar 1 17:23:13 GMT 2007

Understood.   I actually tried the second rqs yesterday afternoon.  It 

This rqs is great.   It is a huge enhencement for me, a LSF user for many 

One other wish,  SGE kills a job too harshly.   I'm aware that I can send 
kill signal by modifying execd_params.  Still I'm unable to perform what 
does when killing a job. 

       By default, sends a set of signals to kill the specified jobs. On 
       SIGINT and SIGTERM are sent to give the job a chance to clean up 
       termination,  then  SIGKILL  is sent to kill the job. The time 
       between sending each signal is defined  by  the 

We could recover some usable simulation information from a killed job
by LSF, which first sends a INT to allow job to clean up.   I think SGE 
kills a job
with only sending one kill signal.


Reuti <reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de> 
03/01/07 04:09 AM
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Re: [GE users] SGE questions


Am 28.02.2007 um 19:50 schrieb john.li at mindspeed.com:

> Sorry, everyone.   My resource quota set should be
> {
>   name         testq
>   description  "QUEUE testq resource quotas"
>   enabled      TRUE
>   limit        queues {testq} to slots=16
>   limit        users {*} queues {testq} to slots=8
> }
> I'm really sorry about this...

the first rule grants access and hence ends the test of further rules 
in this set. But you can define a second resource quota set 
(containing only the second of your rules) and then you should get 
the desired behavior

-- Reuti

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