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john.li at mindspeed.com john.li at mindspeed.com
Thu Mar 1 18:49:44 GMT 2007

Yes, I tried this.   But it introduced another problem.   Here is my 
observation and could/should be
verified by the developer,

First of all, my umask is always set to 002.

When using -b y  (or change sge_request as -b y) to submit a job, any 
files generated by
the job will use umask 022. 

BUT, when I use -b n  to submit the same job, the file generated by the 
SAME job
will use 002, (I assume it inherited my umask, somehow.)

Based on my observation, I'd like to run all my jobs as a script, so that 
umask.   Now, I run into this problem of not using $PATH to search for my 
script, which we
don't have to worry when submitted to LSF.

Anyway,  it seems umask issue will be addressed in v61.  I still think it 
would be much
easier for the users if he/she does have to specifying the full path to 
run a script,
which we do at almost 100% of the time.

Currently, I have -b y in sge_request and deal with the umask separately.

Thanks very much...

Andreas.Haas at Sun.COM 
03/01/07 10:26 AM
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Re: [GE users] SGE questions

On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, Rayson Ho wrote:

> On 3/1/07, john.li at mindspeed.com <john.li at mindspeed.com> wrote:
>> There is no distinction betweeen a binary executable and a script.   In 

>> LSF, I don't
>> worry
>> about it.  I submit either a binary or a script, as long as it is in my 

>> search path, LSF
>> will have no problem of running it.
> Again, this behavior of LSF is not POSIX compliant. Other common batch
> systems spool the job script.

When the "-b y" option is used scripts are not transfered either. 
That means if "-b y" is put into cluster-wide sge_request(5) that
would be the behaviour John wishes to see.

Somehow I don't get the point ...


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