[GE users] renice problem

Viktor Oudovenko udo at physics.rutgers.edu
Fri Mar 2 22:27:44 GMT 2007

Hello, to everybody!
Could somebody comment on the following problems?
We use SuSE 9.3 as OS, SGE 6.04 as queuing system and opterons as hardware.
The problem is the following.
If  one submits jobs interactively ( login and run , let us say in
background) job's nice stays the same "0" ).
But if one submits jobs through the SGE then jobs are reniced and after some
time they all have nice 19 !
In the queue configuration I keep Job's Nice parameter equal to "0". 
If I missed something important necessary to advice me plz let me know.
thank you very much in advance for your comments.

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