[GE users] Problem " your job is not allowed to run in any queue"

Ovid ovid.jacob at sun.com
Fri Mar 2 23:53:25 GMT 2007

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Are you sure the grid installed?
It seems that once it found the cell allostery already present
the install quit.

Can you:

    - source $SGE_ROOT/$SGE_CELL/common/settings.csh

and then send the result of qstat -f

    - send the /util/install_modules/my_configuration.conf file


Jon Forrest wrote:
> I just inherited management of a Warewulf cluster.
> The disk containing a working SGE configuration broke
> just as I started managing this cluster so my first
> task was to re-install SGE (Scientific Linux 4-3, x86_64,
> Warewulf, 29 nodes). The broken disk had contained the SGE_ROOT
> and was mounted on all the nodes in the cluster.
> I replaced the broken disk, mounted it on all the nodes,
> downloaded the 6.0u10 common and amd64 tar files,
> and did what appeared to me to be a correct
> installation of the head node. However, when
> I ran the
> ./inst_sge -m -x -auto ./util/install_modules/my_configuration.conf
> command (after editing the .conf file for my cluster) I got
> the following error message (my cell name is allostery):
> ------------------------
> Starting qmaster installation!
> Installing Grid Engine as user >sge<
> Your $SGE_ROOT directory: /opt/sge
> Using SGE_QMASTER_PORT >2001<.
> Using SGE_EXECD_PORT >2001<.
> Using >allostery< as CELL_NAME.
> The cell name you have used and the bootstrap already exists!
> It seems that you have already a installed system.
> A installation may cause, that data can be lost!
> Please, check this directory and remove it, or use any other cell name
> Exiting installation now!
> ------------------------------
> This made me think that there was nothing that needed to be done on
> the compute nodes. Indeed, after starting the execd daemon on all the
> nodes, the qhost command shows them all. This was good, I thought.
> So, I tried submitting the simple.sh test job. The result was
> ------------------------------
> Unable to run job: warning: root your job is not allowed to run in any 
> queue
> Your job 14 ("simple.sh") has been submitted.
> Exiting.
> -------------------------------
> (I'm doing this as root but somebody tried the same thing as a 
> non-root user and has the same problem).
> I searched far and wide for this error message and I found a thread on
> this list from 12/2005 from somebody with the same problem but it
> appeared that it went away when she moved to a later version.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Cordially,



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