[GE users] Differences between NODES and SLOTS

John Hearns john.hearns at streamline-computing.com
Mon Mar 5 08:33:08 GMT 2007

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Daniel Ruiz wrote:

> 2. Is there any way to configure SGE (allocation_rule parameter?) to 
> force 4 processes in the same node (2 CPUs dual-core --> 4 cores), but 
> each process running into independent cores? Can we force the memory 
> size for each core? The reason is that we need the same conditions on 
> each core, independently where it is executed and how many processes are 
> running in that node.
Someone else will have a better answer to this.
To start out with, you would have the default  all.q
and you would set 4 job slots per host.
You do not want this.

You would create (say) four queues

Make 4 job slots per host for each of those jobs.
Alarm bells - you can have sixteen jobs running on each host!
You use the subordinate_list and set for each queue

queue smallmem
subordinate_list  mediummem bigmem hugemem

I think I am talking utter rubbish here, as I've never actually done 
this (we use mutual suspension for parallel job queues).
But I beleive the subordinate_list  is the way to go here,
with probablt some tweaks.

Forgive me if I misunderstood your requirements, and an expert will wake 
up soon enough.

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