[GE users] Command line commands.

Colin Thomas Colin.Thomas at csr.com
Mon Mar 5 10:34:22 GMT 2007



I have been modifying queues from the qmon, with no problem, but I want
to script some things up.


I want to get a list all machines in a queue i.e.


MYQUEUE at machine1

MYQUEUE at machine2

MYQUEUE at machine2


Disable all of the machine in the queue and the enable each one in turn
: I need to to this to run an acceptance test for each member of of new
queue with a new application.


If would be nice, if when you ran qmon, that it echoed what the
equivalent qconf command was in a "replay" log file, but without that I
am hunting around and the qconf man pages :-(


I get the feeling that 


qconf -sobjl 


might be useful to get a list of all instances in a queue, but can't see
an example




qconf -sobjl queue_instance < attr_nm> MYQUEUE


but what is attr_nm ??



The qconf -mattr , seems like you may be able to use it to
enable/disable an instance from a queue, but again no example.


Any quick pointers would be most welcomed..


Best regards



Colin Thomas




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