[GE users] qacct option suggestion

Heywood, Todd heywood at cshl.edu
Tue Mar 6 14:13:11 GMT 2007

The man page for qacct says that the -b, -e, and -d options select jobs
based on start times. It would be nice an option could be added to qacct
in the future so that they select jobs based on their end times. The
reason if that if you do periodic qacct dumps using -b, -e, and/or -d to
specify periods, you will only catch jobs which begin and end in the
same period (since a job is only written to the accounting files when
the job ends).


In other words, if a job ends in a period (say in the last day: "-d 1")
but started 2 days ago, "qacct -d 1" will not account for it. And if I
ran "qacct -d 1" yesterday, the job is not yet in the accounting file.


If job selection were possible by job end time instead of start time
this wouldn't be a problem.




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