[GE users] Testing Cluster with windows Program.

John Hearns john.hearns at streamline-computing.com
Tue Mar 6 16:11:30 GMT 2007

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Trey wrote:
> What I am gathering I cant submit a job to SGE without the qsub command. 
>    Everytime a job gets submitted, I cant sit there and type qsub 
> everytime someone needs a job done.  Or am I totally off the wall on 
> this one.
> for example: qsub worker.sh
> How do I get a script/program to listen for a job submit and then use 
> the qsub to issue it to different cluster machine.

   you use qsub to submit jobs to the cluster.
When all the job slots in the cluster are full, the jobs will go into a 
'queue wait' state, listed as 'qw' in qstat.
The concept is that you keep the cluster busy - which might involve some 
jobs stacked up and waiting in 'qw', though hopefully they won't wait 
there too long.

What MIGHT be of more interest to you is 'qrsh'.
This means that your users can interactively submit jobs through the 
batch system.
Depends what your users are trying to achieve.

By "everytime someone needs a job done" do you mean that YOU are having 
to run jobs for other people on demand?
If so, there are two solutions:

a) give them a sample script which has 'qsub' in it
    Or indeed a sample 'qsub' command line and tell them to substitute

b) write a 'wrapper script' which takes as arguments the programs name 
and any input file
(we provide wrapper scripts on our clusters)

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