[GE users] qrsh and ssh and ports

Heywood, Todd heywood at cshl.edu
Wed Mar 7 15:26:28 GMT 2007

Is the ssh/qrsh HowTo
(http://gridengine.sunsource.net/howto/qrsh_qlogin_ssh.html) still
valid? The configuration (qconf -sconf) does not show the rsh_command
and rsh_daemon referred to in the HowTo.


I have to install a pipeline which uses qmake, and I'm told it farms out
many short jobs at once, which exhausts the ports (<1024). I've looked
through the archives on this, looking for a way to subsitutute ssh for
this application only. We need the accounting that qrsh provides and
don't want to switch the configuration to ssh. 


But I'm wondering if the documentation and HowTo is up to date on this




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