[GE users] Access to machines

Colin Thomas Colin.Thomas at csr.com
Wed Mar 14 15:59:28 GMT 2007



We have a number of machines being put onto our grid. By default for a
user to run on these machines they need to have an account on that
machine, which makes sense. 


We want though for them to be able to submit jobs through the grid, BUT
stop them from casually rsh/ssh'ing into the same node, and running
applications outside of the grid.


Are there any know solutions to this issue? We have thought about the
user having an account on this machine, but with an alternative
password: the grid then allows them on, but the user doesn't know of the
password on this machine to facilitate a direct ssh, but this could
become messy with a large number of users.


Many thanks in advance..



Colin Thomas



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