[GE users] exit status for completed jobs

Jeff White jsw at farecast.com
Wed Mar 14 22:45:04 GMT 2007

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I know this has been brought up before, but am wondering the latest..

 From Java, what is the best way to find the exit_status for jobs that 
completed in a previous session?

I imagine that my application writes the jobId to a database as each job 
is submitted. While my application is running, it uses session.wait() to 
get completion status of jobs. I would like the flexibility to restart 
my application and have it query the status of all jobs that I haven't 
heard back from, including ones that finished while I wasn't running. It 
seems the options are:

   - call out to qacct (log grep is too slow)

   - create an epilog script that writes job information to a database. 
I           don't know if epilog has access to exit_status etc.

   - ARCo: is it available for 6.0? I imagine, however, that there would 
be a delay in data flowing from the reporting file to the database, so 
there would always be the possibility of jobs that are temporarily 
"unknown". I don't always need to know the most current status of every 
job, but should at least be able to get the last known status of any job.


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