[GE users] Cannot start SGE on master

Richard Bohn rxbeee at rit.edu
Thu Mar 15 16:44:57 GMT 2007

Hello All,


I'm running SGE (version 6 u6) under the ROCKS clustering software. It
had been working fine until we moved the cluster which meant changing IP
address of head node public interface. Now when I try to start SGE I get
the following error:


./sgemaster start

   starting sge_qmaster

   starting sge_schedd

error: unable to read qmaster name: qmaster hostname in
"/opt/gridengine/default/common/act_qmaster" has zero length

critical error: unable to read qmaster name:


Indeed the act_qmaster is zero length but if I try setting it the fqdn
hostname of the machine and then try restarting SGE, the file gets reset
back to zero length. The configuration file in the same directory is
also zero length.


Thank you for any help received.




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