FW: [GE users] Modifying cluster config file

Colin Thomas Colin.Thomas at csr.com
Mon Mar 19 14:42:08 GMT 2007



Via trial & error, I think I have resolved this issue:


If the daemon is unaware of the config file, nothing will happen unless
a restart is made.


If the daemon is started correctly, it is aware of this file, and can be
forced, via the suspend/resume to read it.


If you use "qconf -mconf  <machine>" you can make changes, where qmon
doesn't allow to save.



1. From qmon., disable the queue@<machine> (to stop any jobs being taken
when you are making the changes)

2. qconf -mconf  <machine> (and use a text editor to make the
appropriate changes)

3. From qmon, suspend & resume queue@<machine>

4. From qmon enable the queue again queue@<machine>


I have successfully tested this approach with a machine, changing the
xterm to something that does not work, and then resurrecting it.


There is still the bug in qmon cluster configuration -> modify, but you
can work around it with qconf...


I hope this might be useful for others...


Colin Thomas



From: Colin Thomas [mailto:Colin.Thomas at csr.com] 
Sent: 19 March 2007 14:04
To: users at gridengine.sunsource.net
Subject: [GE users] Modifying cluster config file




When you first install the execd on a machine, we get a
local_config/<machine> file which overwrites the global settings for
xterm etc.


We want to change one of these entries, so from gmon -> cluster
configuration -> modify, and we change the entries but when we try to
"okay" it throws an error box, with 


"! Host <name> already exists!".


The file local_config/<machine> is created with 644 permissions, but
even giving it 777, we still get the error.


We have also noticed that if (for some reason) a machine does not have
an entry, we can create one from qmon-> cluster configuration, but that
you need to stop/start the execd daemon on the host machine, before
changes are picked up!.


We are using 6.0u9 - are other users able to "modify" cluster settings,
and use them immediately without restarting the execd ?


I look forward to your thoughts.


Best regards


Colin Thomas


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