[GE users] Wrong job executing

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Wed Mar 21 15:44:58 GMT 2007


Am 21.03.2007 um 15:32 schrieb Jeffrey Montesano:

> To launch a regression, we submit several jobs (more than 10)  
> during the day to a queue which is open from 8pm until 7am.  These  
> jobs remain in the "qw" state until 8pm, at which time they all  
> compete for the 4 available CPU slots.
> When the regression results are verified the next day we notice  
> that some jobs have executed twice, while others have not executed  
> at all.  For example, if the jobs launched were A, B, C, D, E,  we  
> notice that there are logfiles created for A, B, C, D, E, but the  
> contents of logfiles A and C both correspond to job A.  It's as if  
> job C was executed as job A.
did you submit the job with the option "-b y" by accident and edit  
the same script to submit it five times (hence only the last version  
of the script would be executed five times)? What were your exact  
qsub options and output redirections e.g. by a -o/-e option.

-- Reuti

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