[GE users] Installing with BerkeleyDB spooling server

John Leidel john.leidel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 22:34:20 BST 2007

When attempting to install SGE 6.0u10 on i386 Suse10.1, I can an error
when trying to install the qmaster.  

- i've installed the berkeleydb 
- configured as spooling server
- started bdb
- made sure the firewall is configured to allow access
- made sure the user has permissions on the files
- attempt to run `install_qmaster`

the following error occurs : 

Berkeley Database spooling parameters

Please enter the name of your Berkeley DB Spooling Server! >> *ENTERED
Please enter the Database Directory now!

Default: [/opt/sge/default/spooldb] >> <ENTER>
Dumping bootstrapping information
Initializing spooling database
error: couldn't open berkeley database "sge": (17) File exists
error: maintenance function of rule "default rule" in context
"berkeleydb spooling" failed
error: couldn't close database environment: HOSTNAME: (22) Invalid
error: shutdown of rule "default rule" in context "berkeleydb spooling"

Command failed: ./utilbin/lx24-x86/spoolinit berkeleydb libspoolb
HOSTNAME:spooldb init

Probably a permission problem. Please check file access permissions.
Check read/write permission. Check if SGE daemons are running.

any and all help would be greatly appreciated


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