[GE users] odd qhost/qstat behavior

Brett_W_Grant at raytheon.com Brett_W_Grant at raytheon.com
Wed Mar 28 15:05:31 BST 2007

About two weeks ago, the admins had to shut down one of our computer 
clusters so some electrical work could be done.  They brought everything 
back up and it all seems to be working ok, but when I issue a qhost 
command, it shows that 4-6 machines have dashes rather than proper output. 
 If I do a qstat -f, it lists the state as au.  However, the machines are 
running the jobs, just as would be expected.  I have found that if I 
repeatedly issue qhost commands, that sometimes it shows the machines are 
there, and sometimes it doesn't.  The state of the machine seems to be 
random, but it only happens to the same 6 machines.  I am using v6.0u6.

Has this been seen before?  Any ideas?

Brett Grant

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