[GE users] Grid Engine at Rising Sun Pictures (who do visual effects on latest Harry Potter movie)

Andy Schwierskott Andy.Schwierskott at Sun.COM
Tue May 1 09:12:59 BST 2007

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for May 1st allow me some blunt advertisement - nice story from Down Under 
in the Sydney Morning Herald about Grid Engine powering a render farm at 
Rising Sun Pictures who "is putting the finishing touches on a number of key 
visual effects sequences in Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix" (RSP 
home page)

"The grid engine supports individual jobs and also the interdependencies 
between jobs," Mr Mattarollo said. The grid integrates RSP's 130 servers and 
allows the 80 administration computers, when they are not in use at night, 
to be hooked into the grid to complete compute rendering jobs overnight. RSP 
has even designed its own screen savers so that when a designer steps away 
from a computer, say at lunchtime, the computer automatically kicks into the 


The article concludes: "It is not a plug and play solution" - but this we 
all know °-)


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