[GE users] Qmaster memory use

Mark Dixon m.c.dixon at leeds.ac.uk
Thu May 3 09:51:16 BST 2007

On Wed, 2 May 2007, Heywood, Todd wrote:

> Thanks for the quick response. However, sched_conf implies that this takes
> effect when sge_schedd and sge_qmaster start up ("at the time when
> sge_schedd initially registers with sge_qmaster"). Which raises one of my
> other questions about whether sge_qmaster and sge_schedd can be shut down
> and restarted without disturbing the running/queued jobs (in order to force
> memory release).
> Todd

You can certainly restart sge_schedd alone without disturbing 
running/queued jobs (although you have to hack the startup script to do 
so): we do it all the time because we're running an older version of SGE 
with a different memory leak (fixed in 6.0u8).

Restarting sge_qmaster is probably rather more problematic. I think the 
sgeexecd's only complain if the master is not running for a while, but I 
don't know what happens to jobs which end while sge_qmaster isn't running.

Just my observations as an admin...

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