[GE announce] Announcing Grid Engine 6.1

Roland Dittel Roland.Dittel at Sun.COM
Thu May 3 15:55:57 BST 2007

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               Announcing Grid Engine 6.1
            Regensburg, Germany -- May 3, 2007

Grid Engine 6.1 courtesy binaries are now ready for download.
The courtesy binaries are available at


New functionality delivered with GE 6.1:

     * Resource Quotas allow to limit the maximum number of running jobs
       per user, user group, projects on arbitrary resources like queues,
       hosts, memory, software licenses. A firewall-like rule syntax
       allows an unprecedented flexibility in defining Grid Engine
       Resource Quotas (RQ).
       The man pages qquota(1), sge_resource_quota(5) and qconf(1)
       describe the new functionality.
     * the complex string attributes (CSTRING, STRING, RESTRING, HOST)
       has been enhanced to allow regular boolean expressions for
       wildcards or patterns. The new syntax is defined in the
       sge_types(1) man page and examples can be found in complex(5).
     * the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH is no longer set for
       Solaris and Linux by the Grid Engine settings.[c]sh file. Instead
       the dynamic library path is determined at runtime.
     * new switch "-wd" for qsub, qalter, qsh, qrsh and qmon to specify
       the job working directory.
     * MySQL support for the Grid Engine Accounting and Reporting
       Console (ARCo)
     * support for Apple Mac OS X on the x86 platform
     * support for Linux on Itanium (IA64)
     * native HP-UX 11.x 64-bit binary support
     * Solaris 10 DTrace script supports monitoring and helps to do a
       bottleneck analysis
     * with the help of our community members job online usage is now
       supported for Apple Mac OS X, IBM AIX and HP HP-UX
     * various qmon usability improvements
     * Tight SGE-SSH integration (not part of courtesy binaries)
     * support for FreeBSD at source code level
     * built-in support to collect load and memory usage for AIX 5.x with
       perfstat library (not part of courtesy binaries)
     * for developers an early access to a Java API (JGDI) is part of
       the courtesy binary distribution

The corresponding source code tags in the "gridengine" and "arco"
project CVS repositories have the name


A snapshot of the sources is available at the Documents & files page


A list of fixed problems since GE 6.1beta is available at


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