[GE users] upgrade or not...

Andy Schwierskott andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Thu May 3 16:02:37 BST 2007


feedback from our Grid Engine 6.1 Beta users was very positive on Resource
Quotas (RQs). It gives you a lot of flexibility to fence in your power users
or projects on tight resources (your greatest and latest machines, software
licenses etc.).

Compatibility with Grid Engine 6.0 is quite high - you as admin and your
users will will little notice from output formats about the change.  Justthe
qquota(1) command is new and needs to be understood when RQs are configured.

Just the "qstat" default output has changed: By default it will only show
jobs from users who run the qstat command. By adding "-u *" to
<sge_root>/<cell>/default/sge_qstat all users get the 6.0 default behavior.


>  Hi all.
>  This morning I changed the binaries for the execd daemon of all
> nodes in cluster, so for me it is a perfect momento to upgrade to 6.1.
>   Do you thinck it is interesting to do it??. I found something in
> the release notes very interesting: " Resource Quotas allow to limit
> the maximum number of running jobs per user ". This limit was in
> previous version 6.0u10 but for all jobs in cluster (running or not).
> Do you know if the limit now applies only for a given queue? that
> would be perfect.
>    Thank you all for your comments...
>   Greetings, Alejandro

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