[GE users] Configure the number of simultaneous jobs in a queue

Neil Killeen nkilleen at unimelb.edu.au
Mon May 7 00:45:52 BST 2007


I have version  6.0u10 (default installation) operating on an Altix  
multi-processor (N=64)   machine.

I have one queue.  I want to configure that queue to set the maximum  
number of
simultaneous jobs the queue will run (independent of users and  

Using the QMON GUI I click on 'Queue Control',  and select the  
'CLuser Queue'
TAB.  This shows my one queue (all.q) with columns 'AVAIL=64' and  
I suspect the 64s came from the install script finding out how many  
CPUs the
system has (64).

I select my one CLuster Queue and then click 'modify'.  Selecting the  
'General Configuration' TAB  I see
a property called 'Slots'  It has the value 1.  The manual suggests  
this is the property I want.

However, I find that I can run an infinite number of simultaneous
jobs on my queue (just by submitting with 'qsub').   CHanging the   
'Slots' parameter
has no impact on this.

1. What exactly are the Cluster queue columns 'AVail' and 'Total' and  
how were they populated ?
2. What is slots exactly ?
3. How do I constrain the number of simultaneous jobs on my queue to N ?
4. If 'slots' is the answer, why did it have no effect when I changed  
it ?

I have looked at the FAQs, HowTos and Manuals without finding the  
answer (if it's not slots)

many thanks

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