[GE users] scheduler priority questions

Mike Packard mpackard at oci.uzh.ch
Tue May 8 23:42:48 BST 2007

Hello All,

I am confused about some scheduler behavior and thought maybe you guys might be
able to help.  I'm using sge 6.0u6.   First, I'm seeing jobs run before other
jobs of higher priority.  For example:

job-ID prior name user state submit/start at queue slots ja-task-ID 
12927 0.50000 job01 user01 r 05/03/2007 09:26:43 all.q at node01 32        
13026 0.50000 job04 user04 r 05/08/2007 00:59:08 all.q at node31 16  ?
12998 100.51000 job02 user02 qw 05/06/2007 09:49:06 124        
12988 70.06522 job03 user03 qw 05/04/2007 14:38:42 96  

Job04 was submitted after job02 & job03 and has a much lower priority, but it
still started first.  I assume it was because gridengine saw that there were 
enough free nodes, but I keep having the problem that larger jobs get preempted
by smaller jobs and then never run.  Ideally I would like the scheduler to reserve the
nodes for the largest jobs first and then backfill around them with smaller

Might this be a result of not having any h_rt limits enforced?

Another question:
I would like one user to always have top priority; i.e. all other jobs
will always be scheduled behind this one user's jobs.  Is there a good way to do

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Mike Packard

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