[GE users] consumables(licenses) and paralell environment not working...

Lönroth Erik erik.lonroth at scania.com
Tue May 15 13:57:43 BST 2007

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I have problems getting jobs through in my SGE 6u8 environment.

I have setup a license load_sensor as decribed by http://bioteam.net/dag/sge-flexlm-integration/
but when I submitt jobs and specify:

#$ -l fluent_all=1
#$ -l fluent_par=8

I get from the scheduler:

qstat -j 113
script_file:                fluent.job
parallel environment:  fluent_*_pe range: 8
scheduling info:            cannot run in PE "fluent_ts102_pe" because it only offers 0 slots
                            cannot run in PE "fluent_ts103_pe" because it only offers 0 slots

If I dont include the "-l fluent_xxx" resources, it works as normal.

What am I doing wrong? I recall this has worked before, but now it seems not to.


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