[GE users] custom error message

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu May 17 10:43:52 BST 2007


Am 16.05.2007 um 15:42 schrieb Greg Lukeman:

> If I create a queue that has user_lists defined, is there a way to  
> have users not contained in user_lists but who request the queue  
> receive a custom error message?  (We want to remind them to agree  
> to the license for the software that queue can access.)

I assume, that you have introduced a BOOL complex as FORCED attached  
to this and only this special queue, hence to run jobs there this  
resource must be requested. If not, we will need this, and users have  
to request "-l special_flag" instead of "-q special_queue".

So you could setup a second queue witht this attached complex, but  
put the defined user list(s) in xuser_lists. Allowed users will never  
go there, but only the ones not in the defined user list(s). For this  
queue, you can specify a starter_method, which will just output your  
desired error message and does nothing more (i.e., the job_script is  
never really looked at to and simply ignored). As there isn't any  
computation done in this queue, it could have an arbitrary slot count  
and limits.

-- Reuti

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