[GE users] The scheduler and machine assigning

Colin Thomas Colin.Thomas at csr.com
Thu May 17 14:45:42 BST 2007



We have just added a bunch of large (64bit 64G) 4 way dual core machines
to our grid, which I have assigned 8 slots to each.


Looking at the way the grid is using the resources though, it seems as
likely to use an old machine as one of the new powerful machines.


Looking at the cluster queues, the load_avg is displayed. One job on an
8 cpu machine is reporting a similar load to a much less powerfull
machine. My comprehension is that this load_avg is the thing deciding
which machine gets the job.


I notice in the admin guide that (page 25) a load_scaling part of qmon
for a specific exec host. I assume that if I reduce these values for the
powerfull machines , then they will appear more suitable for jobs from
the scheduler. But on my exec host page this section is empty :-(


If this the way to increase usage by the grid on these powerful
machines, and if so how do I get to these variables.


I look forward to your combined wisdom.


Best regards





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