[GE users] More on loading

Colin Thomas Colin.Thomas at csr.com
Fri May 18 16:04:58 BST 2007



I have managed to get the load_scaling in (although the values to
np_load_avg are no always present in the scaling tab from Add-Modify
Exec Host tab).


I notice in the scheduler configuration panel from qmon, that I can set
a load formals (it is currently set to just np_load_avg, which is being
scaled on a per machine basis from above).


In the man sched_conf it says:



     A simple  algebraic  expression  used  to  derive  a  single

     weighted  load value from all or part of the load parameters

     reported by sge_execd(8) for each host and from all or  part

     of  the  consumable  resources  (see complex(5)) being main-

     tained for each host.  The load formula expression syntax is

     that of a summation weighted load values, that is:




I would like to have the "num_proc" as part of a formula i.e.
"np_load_avg/num_proc" i.e. divide by number of processors, but the
formulae seems to disallow "/": does this mean that I would be forced to
use script to do this.


I look forward to your thoughts


Best regards


Colin Thomas

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