[GE users] Limiting Core use help

Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sun May 20 08:52:48 BST 2007

Am 20.05.2007 um 09:01 schrieb Fernando Silva:

> I trust this is the right place to ask, so here goes.  My company  
> is using Sun Grid engine 6.0 and we are wanting to limit the number  
> of cores a user can use per node.  Our machines had 4 cores per  
> node, but to help manage the resources we want to limit one user  
> per node and narrow that down further so the user can only use one  
> core within that node.  Is this possible?  If so how might we go  
> about doing so?

If I understand you in the right way: one user per node, an (s)he  
sould only use one core - so 3 cores you want idling all the time?  
You can define:


in the queue definition (or if you have more than one queue in the  
exec host definition). As there is only one slot, it will always be  
the only user there.

You will need to upgrade to SGE 6.1 and define a resource quota set  
with, if you would allow more than one user per node, but always only  
one core per user:

limit users {*} hosts {*} to slots=1

-- Reuti

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