[GE users] failed install on Mac OS X

Brett W Grant Brett_W_Grant at raytheon.com
Tue May 22 04:35:30 BST 2007

My setup is a private network with one head node and 94 dedicated compute
nodes.  The cyrus server is on the head node, but I agree that this is a
minor problem.

The attempted install was 6.1 from the sunsource binaries.  I downloaded
them last Monday.

Am I to understand that the root account must be enabled on all the
computers?  I know that another network of macs that I have access to
doesn't have the root account enabled.  I think that it is running 6.0u7.
I don't understand the sentence "Othewise we need in."  Perhaps a typo?

I did create a sgeadmin account.

Thank you for the help.
Brett Grant

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Am 21.05.2007 um 17:34 schrieb Brett_W_Grant at raytheon.com:

> I am not sure if this is the right question to ask this list, but I
> will anyway.  I have a bunch of Mac Xserves.  I have never been
> trained as or know much about system administration, but I now find
> myself being the system administrator to all of these machines.
> They were working with Gridware 6u something, probably 3 or 4.
> They were moved from one location to a new location and they barely
> worked, it was suspected that it had to do with the changing of the
> networks, configuration, etc.  Anyway, to get them working, after
> wiping the hard drives, I reinstalled the OS and got them working
> with Xgrid, which is the Apple's software to do distributed computing.
> I would prefer to have Gridengine on the system, because I have
> experience using it (not installing, configuring, or administering
> it) and it offers a number of features that Xgrid doesn't.  As I
> felt that I didn't have the expertise to install Gridware, the
> company hired a consultant recommended to us as having experience
> with Gridware and cluster computing.
> Long story made short, he was not able to get it installed.  He got
> the admin host running on the head node sometimes.  He was never
> able to get the exec host to install on one of the node computers.
> However, my computer is now slower than molasses.  Remember I am
> not a real admin, but I looked in the system log and it is full of
> failed connections to an imap server.  I am not running an imap
> server, in fact, all of the mail services are turned off.  I go
> look at the mail log and there are a bunch of messages in there
> where one of the something is trying to send email to sgeadmin.
> Here is the message:
> May 21 08:24:49 rebel2 postfix/pipe[5287]: 90A0A1A6BAE:
> from=<sgeadmin at drone001.local>, orig_to<sgeadmin>, relay=cyrus,

cyrus is another node somewhere in your network, to deliver mails to
the users? But this is only a secondary problem IMO.

> delay=0, status=defered (temporary failure.  Command output:
> couldn't connect to lmtpd: connection refused_ 421 4.3.0 deliver:
> couldn't connect to lmtpd_ )
> I have tried starting the imap server, restarting the imap server,
> rebuilding the imap database, restarting the head node, restarting
> the cluster node, restarting the entire network of computers, and
> shutting down the drone001.
> What I suspect is that sgeadmin tried to send an email and that it
> is some que that I don't know about, but the whole install mess
> with gridware has seemed to go wrong.
> Has anybody experienced similar issues?  Where can I look to fix
> the problem?  Any mac and gridware experts out there?

As you reinstalled OS X: did you also enable the root account on
these machines? Othewise we need in. Finder - Go to: Utilities -
NetInfo Manager. Then "Security - Enable root account"

BTW: I would go for 6.1, if you have to set it up from scratch anyway.

-- Reuti

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