[GE users] environment variables in qrsh interactive shell

Chris Rudge chris.rudge at astro.le.ac.uk
Wed May 23 10:27:01 BST 2007


I'm having trouble with SGE specific environment variables not being set
in interactive qrsh sessions. My assumption is that a qrsh login should
have essentially the same environment set as for any other SGE
controlled shell.

Not having these set causes problems with TMP directory settings and
also makes it more difficult to test MPI jobs interactively as
sge_mpirun doesn't work as it machine files etc aren't set up properly.

For example...

With an interactive login:

tag/cru> qrsh
Last login: Wed May 23 10:17:19 from spectrum
Directory: /home/tag/cru
Wed May 23 10:18:44 BST 2007
comp02 tag/cru> echo $TMP
TMP: Undefined variable.
comp02 tag/cru>  echo $SGE_JOB_SPOOL_DIR
SGE_JOB_SPOOL_DIR: Undefined variable.
comp02 tag/cru> 

but non-interactive:

tag/cru> qrsh 'echo $TMP'
tag/cru> qrsh 'echo $SGE_JOB_SPOOL_DIR'

This is with SGE6.0 and I've encountered the same problem across several
different build versions.


Dr Chris Rudge
chris.rudge at astro.le.ac.uk

UKAFF Facility Manager & Dept. Research Computing Manager
Dept of Physics & Astronomy
University of Leicester

web.  www.ukaff.ac.uk
Tel.  +44 (0)116 2523331
Fax.  +44 (0)116 2231283
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