[GE users] benchmark configuration

Milo stinger at rogers.com
Wed May 23 19:32:09 BST 2007

Hi all,

                I'm pretty new to SGE, so let me apologize in advance of any
ignorance's.  I've set up a small experimental cluster of ancient PII 400Mhz
boxes; 1 head node, 6 compute nodes.  I've been using HPL (High Performance
Linpack, although I'm not sure the "high performance" part is really
necessary on these machines) to try and get a benchmark, mostly for shits
and giggles.  ATM I'm clocking in at about 0.8 Gigaflops, which is about
what I'd expect.  Anyway, my question is:  Is there anything I could tweak
in the SGE settings to increase this performance? I realize a lot of HPL's
performance depends on the computation algorithm you configure it to use,
but I figure there might be something within SGE that allows me increase
resource limits or shut down throttling sensors while these benchmarks run.
Any input at all would be appreciated.



SharcNET @ UWO

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