[GE users] Build problem - CLASSES not found?

Daniel Templeton Dan.Templeton at Sun.COM
Thu May 24 17:14:10 BST 2007

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CLASSES is the destination for compiled class files, like SOLARISAMD64 
is the location for compiled object files (on Solaris AMD64).  It should 
be created automatically by the ant build script, but you could try just 
creating the directory by hand and rerunning the build.

If DRMAA and JGDI aren't important to you, you could also compile with 
-no-java -no-jni to skip those parts.


skip at pobox.com wrote:
> After a few fits and starts I managed to get the latest version of ant
> installed, discovered how to set JAVA_HOME (point at and proceeded
> to try building.  (This is building source from CVS.)  Things were going
> along swimmingly, then I got an error about some file named CLASSES not
> being found:
>     ./aimk -gcc -no-secure
>     Building in directory: /home/ink/skipm/src/gridengine/source
>     making in SOLARIS86/ for SOLARIS86 at host ink
>     _________C_O_R_E__S_Y_S_T_E_M_____________
>     rm -f test_drmaa ; ln -s test_drmaa.1.0 test_drmaa
>     _____Making JAVA targets_____
>     Buildfile: build.xml
>     init:
>     drmaa:
>          [java] Buildfile: build.xml
>          [java]
>          [java] init:
>          [java]
>          [java] jar.init:
>          [java]
>          [java] BUILD FAILED
>          [java] /home/ink/skipm/src/gridengine/source/classes/build.xml:104: /home/ink/skipm/src/gridengine/source/CLASSES not found.
>          [java]
>          [java] Total time: 0 seconds
>     /home/ink/skipm/src/gridengine/source/build.xml:39: The following error
>     occurred while executing this line:
>     /home/ink/skipm/src/gridengine/source/build.xml:18: Java returned: 1
>     Total time: 1 second
>     not done
> Googling didn't turn up this particular error message.  There is a
> .../source/classes directory, but I can't find any mention of CLASSES in the
> filesystem.  I see these lines in the .../sources/classes/build.xml file:
>       <property location="../CLASSES" name="classes.dir"/>
>       <property location="../CLASSES/test" name="classes.dir.test"/>
> Is "CLASSES" supposed to be "classes" here?
> Thx,

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