[GE users] Got something installed - how do I set things up?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Thu May 24 21:13:11 BST 2007

    Chris> I may have missed the part about why you are building from source
    Chris> instead of using the ready to go binary packages 

Silly me.  In the world I live in I have grown accustomed to


for most packages.   After the agony I've gone through trying to get to this
point I am going to back up and do a binary install.  I haven't any idea
what DRMAA is at this point.  Assuming "DRM" means "Digital Rights
Management", then it's a non-issue for me.  All the software I expect to run
is homegrown.

    Chris> Once you have that, the installation is easy and is handled via
    Chris> scripts such as "./install_qmaster" and "./install_execd". This
    Chris> is all well covered in the documentation manuals -- just head
    Chris> over to http://docs.sun.com and search on the term "N1GE" -- you
    Chris> want the "N1 Grid Engine 6 Documentation Collection" or similar.

This tripped me up.  I had built with -no-qmake only to find that
install_qmaster wanted qmake.  I'll see how far I get after doing a binary

Thanks for the help and the patience...

Skip Montanaro - skip at pobox.com - http://www.webfast.com/~skip/

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