[GE users] Allocation of specific resources.

Lönroth Erik erik.lonroth at scania.com
Mon May 28 09:02:04 BST 2007

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Hello again!

We are slowly beginning to build up our SGE environment here at Scania and the help from this list has been greatwhen dealing with our initial problems.

At this point, we are trying to get an application "powerflow" intergrated into SGE. The nature of powerflow is that the application can be divided into 2 steps.

1. Discretization. This job is not parallell, requires a single node with alot of RAM. We have such a node - lets call it "TheDiscMachine".

2. Decomposition+Simulation. In this step, it is optimal to run a "controlling process" on a node with 16G RAM and the parallell "simulation" on a number of CPU:s - lets say 128. The total number of CPU:s involved will be 128(simulating) + 1(decomposing).

How would you solve this situation in a good way?

The application can take use of a "machine file" for MPI understand the format:

"CP    nodename1"
"4	nodename2"
"4	nodename3"

Where the "CP" indicates where to spawn the "Controlling Process", and the subsequent rows a <N> number of CPU:s to be used on the corresponding node. The difficulty I think might be to get this "CP" node to be automatically assigned to a specific node matching my requirements (lots of RAM).

How would you solv this puzzle?


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