[GE users] Trying to create queues in qmon

Margaret Doll margaret_doll at brown.edu
Wed May 30 19:02:23 BST 2007

I have four compute nodes, each with eight processors.

I am trying to create two queues,  one using the 24 processors on the  
first three compute  nodes; the other queue should contain the eight  
processors on the last compute node.

In building the queues, I used the  compute node name(s) as the entry 
(ies) in the "New Host/Hostgroup".    This created queues with 1 (3)  
available processors showing up in the Cluster Queues.  I tried  
modifying the queues by changing the "Processors" line to "8" and  
"24" respectively.  No change.

"qstat"  also shows

queuename                      qtype used/tot. load_avg arch           

test.q at compute-0-3.local       BIP   0/1       0.00     lx26-amd64

LongJobs at compute-0-0.local     BIP   0/1       12.01    lx26-amd64
LongJobs at compute-0-1.local     BIP   0/1       11.05    lx26-amd64
LongJobs at compute-0-2.local     BIP   0/1       12.02    lx26-amd64

where the used/total should be 0/8 on all of them.

What am I doing incorrectly?

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