[GE users] The basics of scheduling -- one job per CPU?

david.richter at mathstar.com david.richter at mathstar.com
Fri Nov 2 08:26:32 GMT 2007

We have inherited an SGE environment that runs, but we don't fully
understand it.  At times I've seen it running four jobs on a two-CPU
server.  Our jobs are CPU-bound so there is no benefit to exceeding the
number of CPUs in a given machine.

There must be a simple way to configure an execution host so that it
will never receive more jobs than it has CPUs, but I have not found it.
What parts of the configuration should I check?  I have seen the
consumables/fixed attributes tab on the Add/Modify Exec Host dialog, but
it's not clear whether setting something here will do the trick.  Right
now this table is empty for all of our servers.

We use global consumable resources as proxies for software licenses, and
that's working like a charm.

qconf -se correctly reports two processors for the machine in question.

Fiddling with the scheduler configuration seemed to help.  I reduced the
schedule interval from 3 seconds to 10 seconds, and I set the maximum
reservation to 1 (it had been zero).  But these seem to be band-aids and
I have no confidence that these were even reasonable changes.
I'm loath to fiddle with things too much because we need to keep the
grid running even as we learn how to configure it.  "Let's try this and
see what happens" is a scary tactic.  Reading the .pdfs has not yielded


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