[GE users] The basics of scheduling -- one job per CPU?

david.richter at mathstar.com david.richter at mathstar.com
Fri Nov 2 09:00:00 GMT 2007

Carsten, thanks for the reply.


> Do you have more than one queue per host?


Yes, and recent additions of queues feeding the same hosts seems to
correlate with the rise of the problems.


> set the number of slots of the queue to the number of CPUs.


We have machines with one and two CPUs, and soon we'll have four-CPU
boxes.  How do I set the number of slots in a queue, when a queue feeds
such different hosts?


Let me try to anticipate the next question ... yes, we are submitting to
specific queues for specific tasks.  I gather this is not the preferred
practice in SGE, but I'm not exactly sure how else to ensure that our
jobs get placed on the set of servers intended for a task.


If we let SGE pick the queue, we could have a cluster queue for the
one-CPU machines, the two-CPU machines, etc.   Then the slots-per-queue
solution makes perfect sense.


I've considered making the transition to queues-per-machine-type rather
than queues-per-task-type, but unfortunately this is the wrong time of
the project to launch that kind of change.


Is there no simple mechanism to limit the number of jobs dispatched
simultaneously to a given machine?




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