[GE users] dbwriter derived value

??? blueriver at eastday.com
Tue Nov 6 09:10:16 GMT 2007

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Dear all,

   I installed dbwriter based on the installation guide. And I want to calculate the dayly sum of cpu per user.

   I added the following script into $SGE_ROOT/dbwriter/database/postgres/dbwriter.xml.

   <derive object="user" interval="hour" variable="h_sum_cpu">
      <auto function="SUM" variable="np_load_avg" />

   I restart the sgedbwriter , however, I cannot find the derived values in the table sge_user_values. I also change  

   <auto function="SUM" variable="np_load_avg" /> to <auto function="SUM" variable="cpu" /> or <auto function="SUM" variable="h_cpu" /> , but don't work too.

   Does anyone have ideas?


??Thanks and best regards!

????????blueriver at eastday.com

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